Graintech Series

Hörmann’s Graintech Doors are made from textured grained steel for an unmatched wood finish. Replicating the touch and feel of a wooden door, these robust doors have prominently visible wood grain texture .These doors offer a unique combination of material and surface finish for elegance and class. Finished with special liquid stainers to reveal the grains in natural wood finish, Graintech series from Hörmann are ideal for entrance, internal and toilet door applications.

Embossed Series

Hörmann’s Embossed Doors come with paneled impressions that are classy and traditional, and enhance the visual aesthetic of all application areas. Ideal for entrance and internal areas of a modern-day home, these doors are made of high definition 6-panel embossed design, which gives the look of a wooden paneled door without joints. Available in factory finished high quality paint, Embossed series from Hörmann are robustly built, durable and easy to install.

Wood Decor Series

Hörmann’s Wood Décor Doors combine the strength of steel and the elegance of wood to deliver unmatched functionality blended with aesthetics for modern-day residences. Ideal for entrance and internal applications, these doors are made from high-quality PVC laminated steel with elegant wood finish patterns on the surface for superior look and appeal, Wood Décor series from Hörmann opens up a new world of possibilities for residential doors.

ThermoSafe Door

An exquisite and elegant entrance for your home with Hörmann’s ThermoSafe doors. With a solid aluminum profile and concealed hinges, these doors have been designed to meet all kinds of aesthetic requirements for the modern-day home. A new generation of high-insulation doors, they up the ante in terms of safety with a standard 5-point security lock, tamper proof profile cylinder and triple sealing. With over 70 designs to choose from, in 18 colors and a host of other structural and functional advantages, these doors present a superior alternative to traditional residential doors.