Rebated Door Series

Hörmann’s Doors featured with a Rebated door leaf profile overlapping the frame is high on aesthetics and functionality alike. Ideal for entrance and internal applications, these doors come with the perfect 3 side sealing ensuring noise less environment and are virtually intrusion-proof giving you the security of a modern day residence. We provide the Rebated door leaf profile with choice of Wood Décor, Graintech and Paint finishes.

Seamless Series

Hörmann’s Seamless Doors are innovative designer doors with seamless edges without any joints at the stile edges. Complementing new-age homes with unique and sophisticated design options, these doors come with a choice of vertical designer strips on the face of the door. Ideal for entrance, internal and toilet door applications, these doors break the monotony of standard flush doors and offer a wide range of options to enrich the experience of staying in dream homes.

Chroma Series

With a wide palette of colors to match your walls, Hörmann’s Chroma Doors bring life to your home. Ideal for entrance, internal and toilet door applications, these doors are simple yet functional and are available in varied RAL colours to match the aesthetics of modern-day homes. Frames with a provision of inbuilt PVC seals gives an added advantage of controlling air conditioning losses, a clean and dust free environment and acoustical properties. Available in robust and flush construction and exquisite paint finishes, Chroma series from Hörmann signifies top-notch quality and consistency.

Acoustic Series

Hörmann’s Acoustic doors with special threshold for complete sealing ensures any noise is firmly kept out from penetrating into your peace and tranquillity. Excellent for Home Theatre applications, these doors are highly customizable and come with a choice of hardware, colours & finishes to maintain consistency across your home.

Graintech Series

Hörmann’s Graintech Doors are made from textured grained steel for an unmatched wood finish. Replicating the touch and feel of a wooden door, these robust doors have prominently visible wood grain texture .These doors offer a unique combination of material and surface finish for elegance and class. Finished with special liquid stainers to reveal the grains in natural wood finish, Graintech series from Hörmann are ideal for entrance, internal and toilet door applications.

Wood Decor Series

Hörmann’s Wood Décor Doors combine the strength of steel and the elegance of wood to deliver unmatched functionality blended with aesthetics for modern-day residences. Ideal for entrance and internal applications, these doors are made from high-quality PVC laminated steel with elegant wood finish patterns on the surface for superior look and appeal, Wood Décor series from Hörmann opens up a new world of possibilities for residential doors.